MMEX Solar Initiative

  • MMEX formed MMEX Solar Resources and announced in July 2018 that it intends to develop a solar power project to provide electric power to its planned 10,000 barrel-per-day (BPD) crude distillation unit.
  • Alongside its new MMES Solar Resources logo, MMEX has initiated an adjunct to its business plan to provide solar power to business development opportunities, with its new mandate: “ Midstream Refining Powered by Solar” . MMEX Solar will be the solar power development vehicle for this new business plan.
  • The business plan melds renewable energy with existing crude oil, natural gas processing and terminal facilities technology and development. MMEX joins the growing number of super- major oil, gas and refining companies in using renewable energy within refinery and oil and gas production footprints.
  • MMEX has entered into a memorandum of understanding with an international super major owned solar power company to co-develop solar power for distribution to the potential MMEX projects.

MMEX Refining CDU and Terminal Development Projects to be Powered by Solar.