Pecos County Refinery Project

Pecos County Refinery Project, Fort Stockton, Texas

  • Project Location: Sulfur Junction, which is approximately 20 miles northeast of Fort Stockton, Texas
  • Strategically located in close proximity to oil production in West Texas, with storage capability
  • Project Location is on Texas PacĂ­fico Railroad (TXPF) and multiple options exist to transport products


  • Phase 1: 10,000 BPD Crude Distillation Unit
    • Output: Diesel #2, Naphtha and Residual (ATB’s)
    • Commercial Operations projected to commence mid to late 2019
  • Phase 2: 100,000 BPD Large-Scale Refinery
    • Output: Full product slate of transportation spec fuels
    • Permitting on parallel track with Phase 1

Why a Refinery Project in West Texas?

  • Significant need for a refinery capable of processing “lighter” crude
  • Steady supply of crude feedstock in the Permian Basin
  • Access to wholesale and retail markets in United States, Mexico, Central America and South America