Pecos County Texas Projects

Pecos County Projects, Fort Stockton, Texas

  • Projects Locations: Sulfur Junction, which is approximately 20 miles northeast of Fort Stockton, Texas
  • Strategically located in close proximity to oil and natural gas production in West Texas.
  • Projects Locations is on Texas Pacífico Railroad (TXPF) and multiple options exist to transport products
    • The Company plans to contribute to the clean energy solution by providing solar power to produce hydrogen with carbon capture, and for the transition to the hydrogen economy by producing hydrogen along with ultra-low sulfur transportation fuels in the interim.
    • MMEX Solar Resources, LLC was formed in 2018 to develop solar power projects to supply potentially solar power renewable energy to our planned  projects. We are now modifying our planned refinery projects to produce potentially hydrogen & ultra-low sulfur/clean transportation fuels combined with CO2 capture.
    • The Company has entered agreements with third parties to develop potentially two separate technologies – one utilizing natural gas and the other using the Permian light crudes and condensates to produce clean fuels.  In addition, we are in preliminary discussions with a technology provider to develop a third technology to produce hydrogen by electrolysis of water.
    • MMEX is committed to ESG guidelines.   While the Solar, hydrogen components and clean fuels firmly plant the Environmental “E” in our ESG program, we also have announced our Social and Governance programs to be employed. Each special purpose project company will have the local/regional economic development corporation with a financial interest along with the typical local tax abatement funds to be reinvested in local economic development. In addition, each special project company will be governed with diverse independent board representation from the community.
University Lands Gate to Road Easement, March 27, 2018



  • Excellent solar power metrics in Pecos County, TX
  • Steady supply of crude and natural gas feedstock in the Permian Basin
  • Availability of land
  • Rail and truck ready access to wholesale and retail markets in United States and Mexico